Registration Information

WEEF Registration Fees

You may also view this grid on the WEEF website (please check back here for the most updated information):

For those interested in attending WCCEE (starting Sunday, 17 Oct), please go here for Registration details:

For those interested in attending the GSF (starting Friday, 15 Oct), please contact SPEED. Please note that $350 only covers activities from 18-21 October (common events).  To participate in the full GSF starting from 15 Oct, including GSF-only programming, students must pay $700.

Registration for the ASEE Global Colloquium, IFEES Summit, and GEDC Conference will be handled through the ASEE website, starting 21 July 2010.  The link will be provided here when the website is ready.  Participants may also register onsite at the Marina Bay Sands, from Monday, 18 October to Thursday, 21 October.   GSF and WCCEE registration will be handled through their respective websites.  If you have any questions about Registration or fees, please leave a comment.


2 Responses to “Registration Information”

  1. m.thiruvalluvar Says:

    hi i came aware of it after participating in one of the event conducted by speed and iste coheaded program in “leadership qualities in students” in bannari amman institute tamil nadu ,indian.i want to know more information about this event yet to take place.

  2. […] Registration Fees Now Available! The registration fees for WEEF are now available for planning purposes.  Please see the Registration page ( […]

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