About WEEF 2010

World Engineering Education Forum

Thank you for your interest in the World Engineering Education Forum!   Conceptualized by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), the WEEF will be a rare opportunity to meet and have discussion with stakeholders from all stages of the engineering education pipeline.

The week of the “WEEF” is not a conference itself, but the bringing together of five different conferences – so, you should first ask yourself, which conference(s) is right for you?

  1. GEDC Conference is generally for engineering deans, rectors, and principals [heads of engineering schools/faculties] (Exceptions listed on Registration page)
  2. IFEES Summit is for those representing engineering education societies (The Institute of Engineers, Singapore, for example), but we invite those interested in joining IFEES in attending our sessions.
  3. GSF is for students [engineering and others]
  4. Most will attend the WCCEE (Continuing Education) and ASEE Global Colloquium.  Some will attend both of these.
  5. All conferences will have common sessions throughout the week, and also have separate business meetings for their constituents/members.

Theme: “Effective Collaborations Addressing Common and Global Challenges”

17 – 21 October 2010



A global gathering of engineering education stakeholders to improve the field through enhanced dialogue on the major challenges and through increasing the effectiveness of global partnerships, harnessing the expertise and commitment of the international community and of the local and regional players.


As communication and mobility barriers disappear and individual behavioral patterns transform, engineering educators and researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of international dialogue. Global collaboration serves as a means to discuss common challenges and new approaches to deal with them, and to share examples of good practices with the global engineering education community. Singapore’s role as global leader in economical and technological innovation makes it a strategic location for these international meetings.  Connecting local and international stakeholders will not only add value to the global dialogue on how to positively contribute to the solution of the world’s engineering grand challenges, but also to serve the strategic objectives of the region’s engineering communities and institutions.

From research and innovation, engineering education, to continuing education, WEEF will bring together engineering faculty, deans and students as well as industry representatives, government officials and other interested parties in science and technology from all over the globe to discuss Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st Century and nurture and enhance partnerships.


The World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) provides a cutting edge and effective platform for communication and collaboration among the world’s stakeholders in engineering education, locating itself strategically in a key strategic locale. The Forum will unite five engineering education international conferences/forums:

Please check ASEE website for information on registration for all events, except for the WCCEE.  Please check the IACEE website for WCCEE registration information.


To achieve the goal, WEEF will have as its objectives to:

  1. Assess the global status of engineering education through an overview of the major challenges in the field;
  2. Forge and advance collaborations that address local, regional and global engineering challenges;
  3. Envision the future of engineering education, innovation and continuing education worldwide in 10-20 years, in order to support and improve current efforts in the field.


The event serves as a gathering of those individuals and organizations from throughout the world that have an interest in engineering education and a desire to advance the global dialogue in the field, to forge long-term collaborations, and to enhance the quality of engineering education, research and continuing education.



Last Updated:  May 20, 2010


11 Responses to “About WEEF 2010”

  1. I am intyerested to participate. Please, send me permanent information about this important event.

  2. Pierre Lafleur Says:

    I am interested to attend

  3. I’m interested to participate. Please send me info and contact. Thank you!

  4. Ashok Saxena Says:

    Everything about the conference and objectives is right on track and I very much want to support it by attending it. My issue is that in a year of budget cuts that are likely to become permanent, could not we consolidte and have fewer meetings. As a Dean of Engineering I feel that I should attend three ASEE meetings for which the costs of attendance are high. I asked myself the question, “can I afford the time and money to go to this additional meeting this year”. The answer will obviously be different for different people but for me in the middle of the fall term, the answer is unfortunately no.

  5. Lueny Morell-Sarah Rajala Says:

    Hi all,

    This is Lueny replying (I guess Sarah and I got the same name to access the blog :). Looks excellent. Good job, Stephanie, Hans and IFEES Secretariat staff. I look forward to continue to receive update and learn a about the 5 events planning and programs and to the WEEF Grand Event next October 2010. My hearfelt thanks to our Singapore colleagues for their support, hospitality and ideas.


    Lueny Morell, IFEES President 2008-10


    i am interested to become member and would like to join in the conference and present the paper. please send the details and particularsto the my email: arularasucm@yahoo.co.in

  7. Very impressive ! Congratulations for the fantastic work Hans, Stephanie and others !

  8. The site looks great!!!
    I’m sure that the conference will be a major event.

  9. Nandita Choudhury Says:

    The info seems to be very interesting!! if finance and workload permit, i would love to attend.

  10. I am enthastically waitng for the day when I shall be the part of such international event I shall be delighted if my paticipation as registered member shall remain open. at following address30,Barathi coloney No.I Indore-452004 M.P. INDIA.

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